Using Your SIM Contract

SIM Contracts Come With Benefits

Major UK mobile networks have some great perks that go along with every contract. You may have made the most of EU roaming, keeping your number when you switch networks and even had access to some great offers on food, event tickets and shopping.

Switching to a SIM only contract doesn't mean that customers lose out on many of these benefits - in fact, mobile networks want you to use them!

Switching to SIM Only?
No Problem!

Keeping Your Number

Keeping the mobile number you currently use is a big deal for every customer so many are please to hear that switching network and keeping your number is easy and shouldn't be a worry when looking for a cheaper SIM

To keep your mobile number you just need to contact your old netwrok and get a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) - This is what lets you move your number to a new network

One you have your PAC you can contact your new network either by phone, online or a network app and give them the PAC to authorise the switch

Keeping Your Number Is Easy-Peasy


UK customers are pretty lucky that many networks have deals set up with many european and international networks to allow international calls for free. If you're ever travelling abroad you can usually find details of roaming charges (or lack of) on the networks website

Your SIM Is For Using - Use It!